Wednesday, October 25, 2006

We're leaving for Rakai, an area in southern Uganda, very shortly. There we're each assigned a family to follow around for a few days. They live in dwellings somewhat like this one (w/o the front yard, I understand). Most of the group will be returning Sunday.

At this point, I may be traveling on to refugee camps near the Rwanda/Congo border to shoot with a colleague here for Right to Play, an organization educating the youth about aids, immunizations, and other concerns through games and sports. I went with Brian yesterday to shoot a group here in Kampala. Very eye-opening! However, shooting action isn't quite my forte, so I'm a bit hesitant about the project.

The Batwa Pygmies is a project I'm still hoping will come through. The videographer Brian (different from photo Brian above) will meet with them today and get the rest of the information for me since I will be away. If he is able to contact me with the final arrangements, then I may try to meet up with him instead.

Our first critique was last night. The work among our group is truly impressive! I feel privileged to be a part of such a thoughtful body of work.

I may not have internet contact for at least a week, so this will be my last post for awhile. I will take good notes, though, and fill you in when I return!


At 04:45, Anonymous Van Williamson said...

Cheryl....Thanks for including me in your fascinating narrative of this really incredible opportunity. I must say your travelogue description is among the best I've read--and you know I see a lot of this stuff. I can't wait to see your work when you return. Please call us up. BTW, I bought that camera you recommended--the update of it just came out. So thanks for that! Look forward to seeing you.


At 07:12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cheryl...I haven't had much time to read all the blogs, but today I did. Must say you are amazing at explaining what you see. I loved and enjoyed reading it. It felt I am experiencing it with you. Can't wait to hear more about your crazy travels.

-Hebron gal

At 08:08, Anonymous Debbie said...

Hi Sis -

Sounds like you're doing well and having a blast - in spite of the weird food, etc. Loved Melanie's msg to you - what lovely "motherly" advice! I knew you would do well at this - what an incredible experience.

Just in case you're feeling really hot today - we are having a blizzard in Colorado - I don't mean a snowstorm, I mean an honest to goodness blizzard - I can't even see the street which is only about 30 feet from my window. So enjoy the heat while you can!

Love ya!


At 10:14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

mutti... why don't you quit saying how you're not too great at action shots. member the pictures you took at the graduation PARTAY??? all the cute kids on the trampoline. You can't tell me they are not good pictures. again and again x's a million, you're a genius photogrpaher.

Things with Ukraine seem to be starting up and have officially begun! it's very nerve racking.. but im excited.

by the way.. the obnoxious interrupter needs to have a shoe thrown at him/her.

your last born.


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