Friday, October 06, 2006

Five days and counting until I board an Emirates airplane headed to Uganda.

Maine Photographic Workshops offers a program there focusing on working with NGOs (non-government aid organizations), specifically developing story ideas and capturing images that will help these groups share their missions with the world.

So, early on 18 October I will be on my way for the 2-3 week workshop. A layover in Dubai will follow with my friend and photographer, Paul Thuysbaert, where we may have a short photoshoot at the JW Marriott. (The Uganda trip has taken a financial commitment, so any additional projects I can do along the way will help!). I will be returning home on 13 Nov.

For me, this is an amazing opportunity to explore a challenging area of photography within an organized environment. It will be a stark contrast to the hotel work from which I make a living; an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people struggling each day to literally survive. And I will be snatched out of my comfort zone and dropped into completely unfamiliar customs, language, food, surroundings — how can I not but learn and grow as person from such an experience?

So, stay tuned. Check in from time to time to see how the plans are going. I look forward to reading your comments. Helpful things like the warning signs of crazed hippos, hand sanitizer brands that really do work, and optimistic survival stories of visits to Africa that did not require Immodium products... these thoughts are certainly welcome along with good wishes, assurances of prayer, and general travel tips.

Should anyone know of a particular NGO based in Kampala, I would welcome the opportunity to meet with them and include them in part of my work.

Once I’m there, I'll try very hard to be organized enough to post quick entries with photos to give an idea of what I’m working on in a vibrant and hopeful part of sub-Saharan Africa.



At 03:47, Anonymous DustyJil said...

Cheryl, what a tremendous opportunity! I look fprward to your updates. I'm sure I will also learn.

At 04:53, Anonymous Marc Lindsay said...

I pray that any encounters you may have with Hippo's or Imodium transpire with your ultimate victory. Seriously though, I hope you take lots of great pictures, have a great adventure and return with the stories of a life time.

At 05:55, Blogger Heidi said...


Wow! I look forward to hearing about your experiences since I am so meek and mild and would never think of doing a great opportunity like this. Make sure you take care of yourself and enjoy your journey.

At 07:09, Anonymous Maria DeForrest said...

I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to hear the updates, have a great time.

At 09:48, Anonymous Paul Thuysbaert said...

Funny thing, time. Can you really remember what you did this time last year? Chances are, if you were earning your crust, you will have forgotten. And one of the most precious and unsung things we possess in our lives would have been lost.

This time next year - or perhaps even ten years from now - I very much doubt if you will ever forget what very few people will have ever experienced in their own lifetime.

Hope this time gives you the taste for greater things.

Enjoy the experience and be safe.

At 12:23, Blogger Dave Luptak said...

Hey, as I stare at the walls of my cubicle looking at a mountain of paperwork - this was a nice break to read this... well maybe a little jealous... enjoy!!! and can't wait to see the pics... and kind of experience it some through them....

At 06:26, Anonymous Aunt Sue, said...

When I saw you pick up the huge tree that the wind blew down across my road last January, I knew you could do anything.
You keep proving me right.

At 14:39, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 18:29, Blogger c. nemazie said...

Thanks for your comment ... it's nice to know after all this time people are still finding my experience helpful, or at least interesting! I am still pursuing documentary projects, and hope I can connect with a group working with the Batwa so I can return and follow up with that project.


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